Individual lightweight solutions

Lightweight panels by TRIPAN Leichtbauteile GmbH & Co KG in Hörsching. © TRIPAN GmbH & Co KG
Lightweight panels by TRIPAN Leichtbauteile GmbH & Co KG in Hörsching. © TRIPAN GmbH & Co KG
Company building TRIPAN in Hörsching © TRIPAN GmbH & Co KG
Company building TRIPAN in Hörsching © TRIPAN GmbH & Co KG


As a specialist in the lightweight construction industry, TRIPAN Leichtbauteile GmbH & Co KG has been a reliable partner for unique lightweight solutions for more than 20 years. The Upper Austrian pioneer produces individual panels for today‘s daily needs and for industry – tailor-made for a wide variety of requirements and applications. Innovation made in Austria.

Flexible surface design combined with an interior structure capable of bearing extreme loads – this is what characterises lightweight parts by TRIPAN. "Ultralight and extremely rugged in use" is the guiding principle in product development. The reliable, premium quality of the lightweight parts is valued equally in machine and vehicle construction, aircraft, cable car, and rail vehicle construction, as well as in shipbuilding and architecture. TRIPAN is a company with international activities, but generating domestic value and quality craftsmanship form the foundations on which the company stands. Regional production at the Hörsching location is an integral part of the company‘s philosophy.

Unique panel solutions

A lightweight panel fulfils many functions: providing protection, bearing loads, and creating space. The details of the implementation and the design of the finishes and edges are individually adapted to the customer‘s needs. True to the motto of: create your panel. The bionics of TRIPAN lightweight parts – gleaned from our natural surroundings and systematically enhanced – are a very important aspect. This is why the aluminium honeycomb core has been integrated into the composite parts. The core ensures a high load-bearing capacity with a low dead weight and eliminates the need for elaborate substructures.


Innovative lightweight parts by TRIPAN are used in a wide variety of industries. In vehicle construction, the specialist manufactures, e.g., parts for special vehicles. Sandwich sheets are manufactured for superstructures, bulkheads, storage compartments, underbodies, crash absorbers or for reinforcing vehicle bodies. For mechanical engineering, TRIPAN produces parts that combine low dead weight with high flexural stiffness and/or heat resistance. TRIPAN also offers countless options for architecture. TRIPAN‘s innovative ceiling and wall panelling can be equipped with acoustic, heating or cooling functions, for example.

TRIPAN CUBE Tiny House – The new standard of living

Dining room, living room, bedroom, office, kitchen and bathroom - the TRIPAN CUBE can be almost anything. Thanks to perfect lightweight construction technology, the Tiny House developed by TRIPAN is mobile and flexible. The carefully considered room layout allows for a wide variety of usage concepts and offers "living space" for up to three people. There are three living cube models that can be individually adapted to the customer‘s wishes. From the floor through wall design to the interior design, no limits are placed on the imagination.

Research for the future

Collaboration with research partners and platforms such as A2LT allow the company to share knowledge widely. Research is already underway into the further development of lightweight manipulators in robotics and multifunctional climate sails in architecture. And the on-going development of Tiny House solutions also offers new potential and inspiration.

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