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ENGEL relies on creating the latest technologies and ensuring sustainable global growth. © ENGEL
ENGEL relies on creating the latest technologies and ensuring sustainable global growth. © ENGEL


Saving weight in a smart way? Create innovative designs? Integrate intelligent safety features? ENGEL is specialised in finding new ways to find the best solution. That is why we work with our customers to develop individual industrial production solutions for specific material combinations in composite lightweight construction.

The experts at ENGEL combine comprehensive expertise in the field of thermoplastic-based composite lightweight construction with many years of experience in injection moulding including process automation. This is essentially the prerequisite for developing particularly economical series production processes for the automotive and aviation industries, just to name some examples. ENGEL is a partner, that offers customers an extensive product portfolio and process engineering and automation expertise. ENGEL's solutions in lightweight technology:


Replacing steel or aluminium sheets with lightweight components: ENGEL organomelt is a composite technology for moulding semi-finished thermoplastic fibre products and overmoulding them with high-quality plastics to produce components with high stability and excellent mechanical properties. The highly integrated, automated thermoforming and injection moulding process for thermoplastic sheets enables the cost- and resource-efficient production of fit-for-purpose lightweight parts.

UD tapes

ENGEL offers the optimum solution for the processing of UD tapes.The tape stacking unit and the consolidation unit were designed to work in cycle with an injection moulding machine. Before the tapes are joinded by spotwelding to a tapestack, they are deposited extremely accurately using optical image processing and adapted position control. In the next process step, the tapestack is consolidated into a blank in a combined heating and cooling press. In this way, ENGEL produces a tape stack that is precisely adapted to the component geometry, which can be followed by the subsequent processes - heating in the IR oven and forming in the mould and functionalising with injection moulding – without the need for trimming.

Sheet Moulding Compounds (SMC)

This technology involves processing a stack of typically carbon or glass fibre reinforced, free-flowing prepregs in a compression moulding process. One of ENGEL‘s offerings is the v-duo, with high clamping speeds and active parallelism control – ideal for fully automated and precise component manufacturing. In addition, as a provider of turnkey solutions – from the individual press to highly-integrated processing lines – ENGEL offers custom-built systems for efficient series production of SMC parts.


Large, stable and lightweight parts efficiently produced: ENGEL‘s HP-RTM fibre composite technology enables superior design and premium properties for flat parts in the automotive industry.In this process resin is injected into fibre preforms, which are then cured under heat.


In-situ technology opens up new opportunities in the production of fibre-reinforced plastic components with a thermoplastic polyamide matrix. There are many options: The application spectrum ranges from particularly thin composite parts to highly-stressed structural elements. The in-situ process combines polymerisation and moulding based on dry, pre-shaped reinforcing fabrics.

Success story

ENGEL Austria GmbH is an Austrian family business with strong traditions. Ludwig Engel founded the company in Schwertberg back in 1945. The innovative injection moulding expert now has nine locations in Europe, North America and Asia. The global market leader is represented in 85 countries today. A workforce of 6,400 worldwide generates an export share of 95 percent.



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