Micro-sandwiches for containers

Releye® RLP container © Envirotainer AB Releye® RLP container
The Releye® RLP container provides new state-of-the-art temperature stability and lightweight construction at the same time. © Envirotainer AB Releye® RLP container
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CIMERA® micro-sandwiches from 4a manufacturing GmbH allow Envirotainer AB to launch a new benchmark in temperature-controlled air freight container solutions. Due to an advanced vacuum insulated panel technology in combination with CIMERA® micro-sandwich panels inside, the containers provide new state-of-the-art temperature stability and lightweight properties at the same time.

A special CIMERA® version has been engineered to support modern cool chain transport solutions. Especially for lightweight applications with the aim of achieving the greatest weight saving potential and with highest requirements regarding flexural stiffness, the CIMERA® sandwich material opens up a wide range of options thanks to various material compositions. By selecting the appropriate materials, many mechanical characteristics can be influenced and optimised: weight, flexural stiffness, formability and temperature resistance are just some of the tunable parameters. Suitable core materials are needed to realise material compositions with such a wide range of adjustable properties. MILLIFOAM® core material by 4a manufacturing offers these features (e.g. tight thickness tolerance) required for such innovative micro-sandwich solutions.

The container

Envirotainer AB started the development of the new Releye® RLP a few years ago. The container itself is a temperature-controlled air cargo container which needs to meet the strictest requirements for pharmaceutical transport. The environment inside the container is controlled by the latest technology using a defined airstream inside the container. On the outside, the container is protected by an innovative vacuum insulated panel technology which protects the cargo against most extreme environmental conditions. This new container technology ensures an autonomy period of more than 170 hours of controlled environment inside the container; this can only be achieved by using CIMERA® micro-sandwich panels to precisely insulate and control the airflow. This makes the container fleet the most CO2 efficient fleet on the market.

Internal panel structure

In the course of an agile development process, the 4a manufacturing team developed potential micro-sandwich flat panels that were able to fulfill all requirements. Two main objectives in the project were: to achieve the maximum lightweight potential and a high flexural stiffness. In addition, the panels have also to be very resistant against mechanical impact in the course of loading and unloading procedures. With a low coefficient of thermal expansion, the panels also withstand temperature gradients which gives additional stability. The result is a fibre-reinforced CIMERA® panel solution with a special MILLIFOAM® foam core material with properties that fulfill all aesthetic and technical requirements. Now, the CIMERA® panels were certified by FAA and EASA and are used throughout the complete Releye® container series.

In physics we trust

4a technology group was founded in 2002 in Traboch, Austria. 150 employees worldwide focus on new technologies in the fields of mobility, communication, road and vehicle evalsafety. Our key competency for new customer products is our deep understanding of materials, plastics, composite materials, lightweight construction and mechatronics. The 4a companies share the motto "in physics we trust".

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