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More quality, efficiency and productivity in machining aluminium, plastics, and lightweight and composite materials with tool solutions by Leitz © Leitz
More quality, efficiency and productivity in machining aluminium, plastics, and lightweight and composite materials with tool solutions by Leitz © Leitz


With its extensive material and process expertise and its tool solutions designed for quality and performance, Leitz offers a perfect package of products and services for machining modern materials. Leitz products are used in more than 150 countries globally, and on all continents.

Tools and application parameters which are matched to the material are essential to achieving optimum quality, costeffectiveness and production reliability during machining. Aluminium, plastics, lightweight and composite materials are versatile in terms of applications but also pose a variety of requirements.


Machining aluminium and non-ferrous metals repeatedly confronts processors with situations which require special solutions. Thin-wall profile are prone to vibrations, whereas solid materials exhibit a totally different behaviour during machining. Leitz has enhanced its range of tools through its many years of experience in professional machining of non-ferrous metals and is therefore able to offer solutions for the many challenges in machining profiles, blocks, plates or sheets.


When machining thermoplastics, both special tooth geometries and chip spaces, and the choice of process parameters are decisive. Leitz offers a wide range of tried-and-tested tool solutions in the field of panel cutting, shape and contour milling or also for blind and through holes for acrylic sheet (PMMA), polycarbonate (PC), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polystyrene (PS). Typical examples of duroplastic materials include, for example, compact laminated sheets, high-pressure laminates (HPLs) made of melamine or phenolic resin impregnated papers or printed circuit boards (PCBs) made of paper-based laminates. Here, too, Leitz tools guarantee the best possible results for panel cutting or for jointing and rebating.

Lightweight and composite materials

Lightweight and high-strength materials are indispensable for high-end applications in the aviation, automotive and leisure industries as well as in boatbuilding. Fibre composites play to their strengths, particularly in multi-material lightweight construction. And it is important to avoid compromising this potential due to complex machining. This is why tool solutions which optimise the processes are in demand. The Leitz tool program contains powerful milling and drilling tools for machining fibre reinforced plastics. This is underlined by a recent fibre cutting benchmark by the Technical University (TU) of Vienna, in which tools by 16 different manufacturers were used to machine carbon fibre, glass fibre and aramid fibre sheets. In 124 individual tests, tools by Leitz offered the best performance for all three materials.


Founded in 1876 in Oberkochen in southern Germany, the Leitz Group is the world‘s leading manufacturer of tools for professional machining of wood, wood-based materials, plastics, composite materials and non-ferrous metals. The product spectrum covers the complete range of precision tools for automated machines. 3,000 Leitz employees implement the ideals of the complete solution provider and manufacturing service provider every day. With seven production sites in Europe, Asia and America, sales and service companies in 36 countries, 120 service stations with rapid production facilities and sales partners in all relevant markets, Leitz is represented on all continents.

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