Project DeremCo Celebrates a Successful Participation at Ecomondo 2023

DeremCo at Ecomondo 2023
DeremCo at Ecomondo 2023 © AFIL – Associazione Fabbrica Intelligente Lombardia


Ecomondo 2023, organized by the Italian Exhibition Group, is the meeting and dialogue point for industries, stakeholders, policymakers, opinion leaders, local authorities, gathering and systematizing the key elements that define the development strategies of the European Union's environmental policy. In this context, DeremCo seized the opportunity to participate in the special event "Pitching Session with EU Funded Projects Featuring Sustainable Solutions," facilitated by the European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency (EISMEA). This invaluable opportunity was made possible through collaboration with the esteemed partner, Centrocot S.p.A.

The event's highlight was Centrocot S.p.A.'s keynote pitch, which showcased their groundbreaking demo-case within the project. This presentation captivated the audience, shedding light on the potential of sustainable solutions in the manufacturing sector.

DeremCo and Centrocot S.p.A. are proud to have contributed to the event's success and to have networked with like-minded professionals passionate about sustainability and innovation.

The event proved to be highly engaging and insightful for the project, offering valuable insights into the potential of sustainable solutions within the manufacturing sector.

"For DeremCo, the Pitching Session with EU funded projects featuring sustainable solutions at Ecomondo served as a valuable opportunity for an initial dialogue with investors," said Omar Maschi, Multilab Technical-Scientific Manager at Multisectoral Research and Innovation Department of Centrocot and project partner of DeremCo. "

About DeremCo

De-and Remanufacturing for Circular Economy Investments in the Composite Industry (DeremCo - Project 101084037) is a three-year-long project, whose purpose is to establish a systemic, crosssectorial, Demand-Driven Circular Economy solution that will unlock the cost-effective reuse of postuse composite materials and components in new high-added value products, grounding on the interrelation between the technical and social eco-systems.