The future of aviation

The EHang autonomous aerial vehicle produced by FACC. © FACC/Bartsch
The EHang autonomous aerial vehicle produced by FACC. © FACC/Bartsch


FACC is a leading international technology enterprise in the aerospace industry with a focus on research and development into innovative lightweight components and technologies. As an aerospace pioneer, the company sets standards for a unique, sustainable and safe flying experience with its forward-looking products and services.

The Austrian high-tech enterprise FACC has become an international leader in the aerospace sector. With its components and services, it is an essential key supplier to all well-known aircraft and engine manufacturers worldwide. For more than 30 years, FACC has stood the test of global development trends and global competition. Growth through innovation has therefore become a tradition in FACC‘s history with a consistent investment into the research and development of innovative products for the aircraft industry through to new innovative technologies in the field of urban air mobility.

Climate change: Full thrust for CO2-neutral flying

The reduction of emissions, the use of green technologies, the use of biological materials and comprehensive environmental responsibility are increasingly becoming determining factors in the aircraft industry. FACC has the right technologies to do justice to this trend. Thanks to its versatile lightweight solutions, the company has contributed to making air traffic more environmentally compatible for years. The daily mission: making products even lighter and more aerodynamic.

High-tech for space travel

FACC‘s key competencies include lightweight innovations for commercial aircraft, business jets, helicopters, aircraft engines and drones. Now, FACC is also deploying its lightweight construction technologies in space travel. FACC AG has been awarded a significant contract for the development and production of the Astris Kick-Stage Main Structure for the Ariane 6 launcher family, which will open up completely new opportunities for the company in commercial space travel.

Committed to the sky

FACC aims to be one of the 50 largest global aerospace groups by 2030; the company is currently in the top 100. Sustainability will be an important lever, in particular for the aircraft industry. An environment of climate targets offers a specific opportunity to rethink air travel with innovative technologies from FACC that make flying more environmentally friendly, quieter and more attractive for passengers.

Innovative force as part of the DNA

Innovation is a central factor for FACC’s success. With its more than 300 patents, the company is represented in the world’s leading passenger aircraft models. This is an incentive for even more efficiency, safety, sustainability and comfort in air travel. FACC AG will continue to play a leading role in shaping the future of mobility and set new standards in areas of innovation such as new materials, drone technologies or the latest interior solutions.


FACC is a global aerospace leader in the design, development and manufacture of aviation technologies and advanced lightweight systems for aircraft. Around 2,700 employees from 41 nations are employed at 13 international locations worldwide. The company is listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange and is part of the AVIC Fortune 500 group, which provides access to the largest growth markets in the industry.



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