Tomorrow‘s lightweight alloys

The laboratory for additive manufacturing at the LKR Leichtmetallkompetenzzentrum Ranshofen GmbH. © AIT/LKR
The laboratory for additive manufacturing at the LKR Leichtmetallkompetenzzentrum Ranshofen GmbH. © AIT/LKR
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The LKR Leichtmetallkompetenzzentrum Ranshofen (Light Metals Technologies Ranshofen) of the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology is a leader in research and innovation for the lightweight design of the future. LKR researchers have more than 25 years of experience.

The LKR covers the entire value chain: the development of high-quality light metal alloys, their sustainable and energy-efficient processing and the development of functionally integrated lightweight parts.

Materials development

LKR researchers have long-standing experience in the design and processing of light metal alloys. Of special importance are material properties such as strength, corrosion and fire resistance, joinability, crash behaviour and processability. Services include alloy development and customisation, simulation, casting, homogenisation, extrusion, the forging and deep-drawing of test alloys, development of customised heat treatments and characterisation.

Casting technology

The LKR researches into a variety of casting technologies for innovative light metal alloys. Systems for horizontal and vertical continuous casting, mould casting, die casting and low-pressure die casting are available. Our services include simulation-based component and process development, tool development, prototyping and the provision of plant capacities. We offer holistic solution approaches from the idea to the component suitable for series production.

Forming technology

Research at the LKR leads to more efficient, stable, productive and cost-effective forming processes of innovative light metals and the optimal use of state-ofthe-art materials. The services include developing new forming processes, optimising the process chains and ultimately extrusion, forging and rolling. The team also works on the accompanying heat treatment processes as well as on digitalising and evaluating the data from the individual process steps.

Wire-based additive manufacturing

LKR experts explore new methods of wirebased additive manufacturing, a promising method for 3D printing of large parts made of light metals. The workpieces are produced under computer control, no forming tools are required. The services include developing special wires, optimising the hardware and processes, concept development and producing specimens and prototypes.

Numerical simulation

Simulations can help to predict, optimise and improve the understanding of material properties, processes and component behaviour in practice. LKR's expertise ranges from new theoretical concepts through to application-oriented simulation. The services cover the complete chain from atomistic alloy simulation, material modelling, and process simulations of the various primary forming and forming methods used at the LKR through to component simulation.

Material testing and characterisation

The LKR deals with material, process and product analysis as well as damage evaluation. To do this, the researchers rely on state-of-the-art methods such as spectrometry, dilatometry, notched impact testing, deformation analysis, mechanical materials testing, fatigue testing, metallography, differential thermoanalysis and electron microscopy using electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) and energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDX).

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