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A2LT Positions

Lightweight construction is not an end in itself. It plays a major part in meeting sustainability targets – not just in the field of mobility, but in many other sectors. Austria has excellence in research and industry in the field of lightweight construction competencies. In order to ensure future viability and competitiveness, however, this starting position must be consistently secured and expanded.

The A2LT policy paper entitled ‘Roadmap for sustainable, affordable and smart lightweight construction as an area of Austrian strength’ defines precisely how Austria can build on its excellence in lightweight construction.

6 positions of the A2LT, aiming at:

  • measures to secure and expand Austria's leading role as a lightweight technology region
  • establishing a strong market position in the long term
  • sustaining high-quality industrial jobs
  • ensuring and accelerating connectivity to top international research and technology through all available means
  • ensuring joint action with the public sector and the responsible ministries
  • first point of contact – single entry point – for the lightweight construction ecosystem in Austria
Piktogramm Feder

Promoting technological pre-eminence in lightweight construction: Securing a competetive advantage, facilitating the achievement of climate goals

Effect/aim: Establishing Austria and Europe as resilient production hubs
Piktogramm Zahnräder

Accelerating technology transfers from research to industrial applications

Effect/aim: Implementation in concrete innovations
Piktogramm Courthouse

Optimising funding programmes and general conditions for industry and research

Effect/aim: Funding instruments for lightweight construction across technologies and industries
Piktogramm Hand Pflanze

Defining specific R&D priorities for sustainable, affordable and smart lightweight construction

Effect/aim: Ensuring technological pre-eminence
Piktogramm Vernetzung

Strengthening international networking in lightweight construction and intensifying public relations

Effect/aim: Alliance of strongest lightweight construction regions
Piktogramm Kreislauffähig

Establishing design for repair/reuse/recacling as equally important as functionality and production efficiency

Effect/aim: Exploiting economic and environmental potential of recyclable lightweight construction technology

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