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Mission and Vision

Our vision is for Austrian companies and research institutions to be global technology leaders in lightweight construction with global visibility as such. This will sustainably strengthen the innovative and economic reach of the lightweight construction sector in our region and within Europe.

    Our mission towards sustainable, affordable and smart lightweighting:

    • We seek to strengthen the economic reach of Austrian companies through joint activities.
    • We seek to strengthen the innovative force of the lightweight sector in Austria by developing collaboration at a company and research level.
    • We seek to make A2LT visible as a lighthouse and a thinktank for lighweighting-related topics.
    • We seek to be the single point of contact for policy at a regional and European level.
    • We seek to improve the respective network work through a continuous exchange of ideas and experiences.
    • A2LT strives to strongly support the European Union’s Green Deal and is intent on making political decision-makers aware of this contribution.

    Goals and activities

    The Austrian Advanced Lightweight Technology Platform A2LT aims at strengthening the competitive position of its member businesses and aspires to build a strong Austrian position in lightweighting technology. With the collective strength of all partners A2LT is a thinktank and a collaboration platform empowering successful competition in the global market.